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FORM 8937

June 12, 2020
Debt Exchange



CSI Compressco LP is a publicly traded partnership pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 7704(b) and is taxed as a partnership for U.S. tax purposes. The Partnership states that the 10% exception DOES NOT apply, as determined under Treasury Regulation Section 1.1446(f)-4(b)(3)(ii). As a result, a foreign unitholder who sells our units should generally expect a broker to withhold 10% of the amount realized upon such sale.

Brokers and nominees should treat one hundred percent (100.0%) of CSI Compressco LP's distributions to non-U.S. investors as being attributable to income that is effectively connected with a United States trade or business. See Treasury Regulation Section 1.1446(f)-4(b). Qualified notices related to distributions can be found at our website at In general, a foreign unitholder should expect its broker to withhold on distributions made to a foreign unitholder at the unitholder's maximum applicable United States tax rate.

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